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女人我最大熱賣商品 Taiwan Ladies First Show Product

女人我最大熱賣商品 Taiwan Ladies First Show Product

RM3.0綜合維他命面膜/AloemVitaminComplexMask This complex vitamin mask revitalizes tired, dry and dull skin, and reduces the visible signs of age, leaving the skin soft, bright, and smooth.

RM3.0 玫瑰面膜/Aloem Rose Mask Rejuvenate your skin with this relaxing face treatment. Infused with crushed rose petals to help retain moisture and improve skin's overall appearance.

RM3.0綠茶面膜/Aloem Green Tea Extract Mask A deeply moisturising, muliti-action and anti-oxidant green tea extract mask suitable for all skin types that leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

RM3.0 薰衣草面膜 / Aloem Lavender Mask Lavender is well known for its cleansing and toning properties and removes redness and heat from the skin.

RM3.0玻尿酸面膜/Aloem Hyaluronic Acid Mask Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics principally as a moisturizer because of its remarkable capacity to retain water, and therefore maintain tissues well-hydrated and more resilient.

RM3.0海洋膠原面膜/Aloem Marine Collagen Mask Collagen is a natural protein that provides our bodies with structural support. 75% of our skin is made up of collagen, providing texture,resiliency, and shape.

RM1.0玫瑰凍膜Aloem Rose Gel ConditioningMask It helps to rejuvenate dead cells and aging skin* With aloe vera and rose essential oil to gently soothe and hydrate the skin.

RM1.0 蘆薈凍膜/Aloem Aloe Vera Gel Cools, soothes sunburnt skin and helps to prevent peeling * Natural moisturising properties

RM25.0白皙精華液/Aloem Whitening Serum * Hyaluronic Acid help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines * Supporting the elastin levels of healthy skin Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics principally as a moisturizer because of its remarkable capacity to retain water,and therefore maintain tissues well-hydrated and more resilient.

RM25.0 淨痘精華液/Aloem Anti Acne Serum Tea Tree Oil* Strong antimicrobial activity on P. Acnes * Strongly improves all lesions of acne vulgaris

RM25.0保濕精華液/Aloem Hyaluronic Acid Serum * Hyaluronic Acid help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and...

RM1.0蘆薈去角質凝膠/Shenos Exfoliation Gel * This scrub offers a soft and effective exfoliation. It cleans, eliminating impurities. * Simultaneously combines exfoliating, ultra-moisturizing and refreshing properties.

RM6.9去角質棒/Magic Exfoliation Bar ...

RM8.9發光潔耳器/Lightening Ear Cleaner ...

RM19.9潔牙筆/Teeth Whitening Pen ...

RM9.9草莓卷髮器/Strawberry Shape Hair Curlers Perm your hair at home with Organic Beauty Bank Curlers A package of 6 curlers which made in cotton, it’s easy to apply on hair, and have good curling result.You can even apply when sleep, as it is soft, and would not damage your hair. Or you can also apply when you are shopping, as it is just like hair decoration, it is cute and sweet too. No one will know that you are using curlers…...hah ㄧ包6入有著全新超可愛紅草莓外型∼邊捲心情更好∼弄再頭上不變包租婆∼上髮捲也能是可愛的美眉喔∼上髮也要裝可愛 風靡日台兩地美妝店,最愛變髮的美眉強力推薦,Tony老師於節目使用後,超方便超神奇,輕巧的海綿也可以變化出美麗的捲髮!只要挑起一搓髮束,順著海棉的凹陷處纏繞,再順著髮流生長處捲下,方便又省時的設計,髮捲全部都是軟的,戴著睡覺也不會痛,隔天早上起來就有美麗的捲髮。特點:簡單、易操作、造型度強,不會損傷您的秀髮

RM32.9甜甜圈坐墊/Donut Shape Cushion 1...

RM2.9流海貼/Hair Pin 1...

RM23.9挺胸內衣/Push Up Lingeries Just to show you the secret of top models and film stars to have perfect bust line and breast shape, with our Push Up Lingerie.This is with 3D cutting to enhance the upper part, to show bigger and firmer bust lineThe Push Up and concentrating design could even show your sexy cleavage, and push up up up

RM12.9神奇修眉剪/Miracle Trimmer Let’s show you the easiest and best way to have reshape eye brow shape with Organic Beauty Bank Miracle Trimmer . This product with a “comb” specially designed to make the eye brow neat and tidy, smooth and silky, consequently easier to reshape your eye brow. Origin : 100% Made in Japan, by KAN (famous manufacturer)
RM1.9女人我最大 Tongue Scrapper 刮舌棒 What are the advantages of tongue scrapper? And why is it necessary? 1.This is highly recommended by Taiwanese Pop Artist Big S, to clear halitosis (bad breath) 2.To maintain oral health, to have brightening smile and fresh breath3.The tongue scrapper could also massage the oral cavity, which have slimming effect for the face 大S及美麗藝人界伊能靜強力推薦-去口臭的秘密,舌苔清潔器 口氣清新笑容更迷人,勤快做好口腔保養,潔淨舌頭表面,口氣自然 .加上按摩口腔內部肌肉,緊致臉部,當個自信耀眼的小顏美人
使用方式: 舌苔清潔及刮除直接輕輕的在舌頭表面上來回刷即可。按摩棒用於口腔內部兩側肌肉

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